Business translations available at TRADUTOURS

The Internet is helping companies to branch out on the international stage. But it isn’t always possible for them to set up an in-house translation department in the process. Not to worry: TRADUTOURS can provide a bespoke business translation service fully in line with your needs.

What languages are possible?

In order to guarantee an in-depth understanding of both working languages and cultures, we only ever call on business translators working into their native language. They will be attuned to the expressions and terms used, appropriate writing style, typography … and all of the nuances associated with your target language and country.
English, Russian, Swedish, Chinese … today, thanks to our specialist business translation team, we can undertake projects into 65 different languages.

A specialist translator

To ensure the translation accurately reflects your original text, the business translator must be well-versed in marketing and communication strategies. Websites, business documents, leaflets, flyers, brochures… all of these materials have been designed to attract prospective customers and secure their loyalty – and their translated versions should have the same effect! That’s why it’s so important to ensure your translations are carefully tailored to each country (this is known as localisation). At TRADUTOURS, our business translations are handled by a specialist in the sector who is just as fluent in finance, marketing, sales or communication techniques as they are in their native language.

TRADUTOURS and your data privacy

Mindful that our business translators have access to your internal corporate data or strategic plans through the projects you entrust us, at TRADUTOURS we take stringent measures to ensure this data is protected. The same goes for our customers’ personal data: our privacy policy and specific in-house organisation comply fully with the obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

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