A company specialising in translations into English

According to the latest research, English is the third most spoken language in the world, after Chinese and Spanish. For business and trade however, it is the number one global language. Used across all countries, English has become an essential skill for professionals and individuals alike. And yet there are many people who don’t feel confident enough using it. That’s why the professionals in our English translating team are available to share their native skills and knowledge with individuals and legal entities alike.

What is a translation project?

Translations deal with the written word, working from documents, unlike interpreting which involves orally conveying spoken words from one language into another (so a speech at a conference, a business meeting or seminar for example). A translator will communicate the message and meaning of a written text as faithfully as possible in the target language.

Who are the professionals working at our company specialising in translations into English?

Our firm specialises in delivering English translations of the highest quality to our customers. We achieve that by making sure our translators are native English speakers, with a perfect grasp of English syntax, grammar and spelling. Since each industry is specific, with its own jargon, our English translating team is made up of specialist translators. We provide our customers with a bespoke solution each time, into any of the 50-plus professional fields we cover.

Privacy is a key concern for our English translating team

Documents that you entrust to our company specialising in translations into English may contain confidential information about a project or your firm’s development for example. At TRADUTOURS, we guarantee your data security and privacy through a dedicated series of measures that we have set up with that in mind. First and foremost, all of our translators, interpreters and service providers have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Our privacy policy is a priority for the company.

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