Services of the highest standard


TRADUTOURS is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100-2015 certified.

We have successfully upheld and applied all of the certification procedures year after year.

The whole team at TRADUTOURS is committed to our quality policy.

Thanks to everyone’s dedication and input, our company is continuously improving our level of service and image for our customers, in keeping with our corporate strategy.

The strategic guidelines underpinning our quality policy are based on our customers’ main requirements:

  • impeccable translations/interpretation services in linguistic terms
  • accurate and exact technical terminology
  • on-time delivery according to reasonable deadlines
  • absolute respect for privacy and confidentiality


We are wholeheartedly committed to:

Working constantly with our customers to ensure their utmost satisfaction

  • taking their requirements into account on a daily basis
  • guaranteeing services of the highest quality with experienced translators and interpreters working into their native language*
  • informing them of service improvements and developments
  • sharing our team’s knowledge, skills and experience with them

Stringent process management

  • making sure our team members and service providers have the requisite skill set and that their services are compliant
  • systematically signing the non-disclosure agreement, internally or externally
  • performing regular checks and oversight
  • leveraging the means for being able to meet our customers’ expectations under the best possible conditions

A continuous improvement strategy

  • identifying training programmes to enable our team to upskill as necessary
  • giving everyone a say about areas where there is room for improvement
  • analysing any internal irregularities and customer complaints so as to roll out the necessary corrective measures, where applicable
  • developing a certain number of plans for improvement

Monitoring compliance with the data privacy regulations

  • requiring our translators and interpreters to sign a strict, written non-disclosure agreement
  • implementing a dedicated and secure data exchange system
  • encrypting sensitive documents
  • calling on translators with “SECRET” and/or “OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE” clearance for the most sensitive projects

(*) Native language means the language spoken since birth, regarding which the speaker is attuned to all of the subtleties and nuances and is familiar with the associated culture and prevailing trends.

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