Technical translation: quality guaranteed

Companies are always on the look-out for new market shares abroad. Whether in China, Japan or Russia … when bidding for new tenders and trying to stand out from other competitors, you have to be able to speak the same language. The challenge is even greater when there are technical documents at stake. At TRADUTOURS, a technical translation agency, we can share our extensive and finely honed expertise with you.

How are technical translations handled at TRADUTOURS?

Each of your documents is entrusted to a translator whose native language matches your target language and who therefore has an expert grasp of the subtleties and specifics of your audience’s language. A technical translation into English will be entrusted to an English-speaking translator for example. That way, you’ll receive a technical translation that reads perfectly while flawlessly reflecting the original, within the agreed timeframe.
Some companies get a translation done by internal staff, but would like a specialist opinion. Our proofreading service has been set up with that exact aim in mind.

Are interpreters familiar with specific industrial sectors?

Yes. In our technical translation company we can cover more than 50 industries and areas of expertise. Aeronautics, the automotive industry, biotechnology, construction, defence, law, medicine and pharmaceuticals are just some examples. Each of our translators has their specialist field. For each project, we choose them specifically to ensure their speciality matches your line of business. The same goes for the proofreaders we call on to check your documents.

What about data protection?

A technical document might contain details about a prototype or structural indications which are strictly confidential. To guarantee the security of your sensitive data, at TRADUTOURS we take a series of stringent measures to ensure it stays confidential. First and foremost, all of our translators, interpreters and service providers have signed a non-disclosure agreement. Our privacy policy is a priority for the company.
Our technical translation company also protects your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

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